Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching Up

"I'm sorry, I wear white a lot, virgins tend to do that!"--Moi 
To paraphrase the words of Jack Harries, YouTubing sensation, 1/2 of "Jacksgap", I have been unbelievably shit at keeping you guys updated about what is going on in my life. And this is due to a couple reasons…one is that I am constantly busy, two is that I don't want this blog to just be my published diary, I want to include things that might actually interest you, my audience. However, despite saying this, this blog post is probably going to bore you to tears. Just a pre-reading warning. Proceed with caution.

There is never a dull moment around me so, let's just catch you up on the past TWO WEEKS ALONE shall we? I…babysat Esther, tried dirt candy, got a bustier and boob tape from my Grandmother for Christmas, chalked my cousins' hair pink, purple, and blue (whilst sporting my own very fashionable blue/green combination), went to Applebee's with my cousin and his girlfriend, hosted an impromptu dance party in Walmart with said cousin and girlfriend, had a meltdown in the car, caused mayhem in the mall with Ammie, started my long list of very sad goodbyes, got a lot closer to my brother, my stepmother was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after the dogs escaped and she couldn't breathe after chasing them, animal control came and took away Achilles (our German Shepard), I received my first dosage of contraceptive pill and a flu shot, and I've been catfishing for revenge and that backfired on me, no surprise. "And that's what you've missed on Glee…"

Like I said, never a dull moment. Now obviously I cannot go through each and every item, we'd be here forever. But, I shall go through a rundown of the most important tasks, in my opinion anyway.

The dance party in Walmart: just three teenagers goofing off I guess. Dad took my closest cousin (on his side) Dustin, his girlfriend Sabrina, and myself to dinner at Applebee's (that is literally the only restaurant that is closest to my grandparents house…and it's still a 30 mile drive one way) and afterwards we stopped off at Walmart, Dad needed something. We ditched Dad inside and started roaming the aisles, narrowly escaping the wrath of an elderly woman that worked there. We found the stereo display in the Automotive section of the store and Dustin took off blasting the music and hosting a dance party. I caught the whole thing on tape, we got several stares from local people, and it was the most fun I've ever had in a Walmart. (Click here to experience a part of the madness)

The getting closer to my brother was the beginning of a very shitty 24 hours. Our dogs escaped, my stepmother was taken to the hospital in an ambulance because of it and then one of our dogs was taken away from us because our neighbors reported him to animal control. All in all…not our finest hour as a family. Plus my Dad is having foot surgery tomorrow, and another one in a few weeks, and tomorrow is the day I leave for the Philippines. Yeah…not a great week.

Catfishing for revenge. Now anyone who doesn't know what catfishing is…I'll explain it to you. Urban Dictionary defines it as: The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships over time. Now…this is not exactly what I did, but it's close enough. Let's just say that Ammie and I pretended to be people we aren't and someone ended up getting hurt, I think. It's just a whole mess and it's just….this was a horrible idea. DON'T do it! Next time A and I will stick to Omegeling.

My time here on My Perfect Winter is quickly drawing to a close, which means that normal life will return too quick for my liking.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Don't Forget About...

My primary blog My Transformation into a Social Butterfly where I tackle all teenage issues, big and small, sour and sweet. 


Allure Magazine and a McDonalds Bag

"I couldn't be a society wife. I like to lie on the ground, and get dirty, and play my music too loud too much."
As someone who spends a fair amount of time at Bass Pro Shop, it may surprise you to know that I also spend at least twenty minutes most mornings trying to figure out exactly which scarf perfectly coordinates with my gloves, hat, jeans, boots, and cardigan. And just because I do enjoy spending a good chunk of my leisure time browsing through the pages of Allure and Teen Vogue magazine does not mean I cannot also enjoy popping into the Women's section of Dick's Sporting Goods. My point here boils down to that old sentiment: don't judge a book by it's jacket, for it is interchangeable. What? Not the 'old sentiment' you were expecting? My point exactly.

The two sides of my wardrobe coordinate perfectly with the two major divisions of my personality (let's not get into the infinite subdivisions because we'll be here until 2015 rolls around) and yet they perfectly mesh together as well, a concept that I ashamedly just discovered. See, half of me is the down-home Southern belle that grew up on Sunday night football and Saturday morning tree-stand-runs; an enticing (if conniving) smile, a pair of blue jeans, waterproof makeup, and a stick-straight posture down to my manicured fingernails makes up this side. The other half would be the British-fashion-blogger-wannabe with New York dreams that eats rabbit food and little else; this would be the 'Miss Matchy' side, the gloves match the shirt that matches the hat which matches the scarf and the boots. Don't even get me started on the matching jewelry. I was perfectly okay living these two lives separately until they collided in a way that makes me want to go back in time and smack the 13 year old me who thought she knew it all.

Before I ramble on and on and on, let me make a quick point so slackers can understand this: some of the most fashionable people you'd ever hope to meet, are the Southern mama's going to church or their "babies" going off to prom. (For real, just look at beautiful Sadie Robertson) Seems contradictory doesn't it? Just because we like to roll around in the mud (occasionally) and ride four wheelers, people assume our entire wardrobe consists of endless pairs of blue jeans, Converse, and flannel shirts. You couldn't be more wrong. Okay yes, we do have the blue jeans and the flannel, but hanging next to it is our faux-couture Louis Vuitton black leather bag and matching pumps that we sneak out of the house in our purse when we go out, wearing Converse until we jump in the car out of the prying eyes of shotgun-wielding Fathers. Okay I'm back from my momentary flashback. 

"My ultimate goal as a girl is to look classy in Converse. When you can do that, you know you've made it."
So yes, I am that girl walking into the local hunting hotspot like it's the Milan runway, shaking my hair and conspicuously rearranging my necklace, rings, and/or earrings. But if you were to walk in right after me, you'd understand why. This is pageant queen territory full of thick, winged, water-proof eyeliner and more bronzer than a newly minted penny and if you don't blend in with them, you will be outshined. (And those cute country boys modeling the latest in work boots and John Deere caps are also excellent motivators) Keep in mind, that while I may be the most fashionable at Home Depot, I have also been known to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt to my crush's house so it's really dependent on my mood. But as of late, I've excelled at blending the two together, with the basic t-shirts and jeans tucked carefully into my cruelty-free Ugg knockoffs, a matching scarf tied chicly around my neck and my brother's Columbia warmer zipped overtop. The key to pretty much any outfit, that I've found anyway, is this: less is more. For a travel day or a trip to the local hardware store, maybe jeans, a loose grey shirt, and a scarf with basic stud earrings and a small pendant necklace are the way to go. The same rule applies to makeup: heavy eyes=neutral lips and vice versa. Ultimately you should feel comfortable in what you're wearing, if anything pinches or pulls or makes you want to tie a sweatshirt around your waist, don't wear it. 

As I write this, I am riding shotgun in the bed of my father's pickup, wearing that exact outfit, down to the borrowed jacket. And yes, there is country music blaring over the speakers. But if you were to take a closer look, you'd see the book about Paris and Allure magazine at my feet, tucked into my faux-designer handbag. I told you not to judge by the jacket! A point I tried to weave in at the beginning (anyone catch it? Anyone?) was this: don't judge before you know. When I say I'm going to the hardware store and then swinging by your house, don't be surprised if I look like I stepped out of a Forever 21 catalog, yet also don't be surprised if I went for a mani/pedi/facial combo at the mall where all my friends are sure to be and wore my flannel pajama bottoms with no makeup. (I've actually been wearing very little makeup as of late, none at all today) My final point is this: I have fashion sense enough for myself and am full of enough self-importance to pass this advice on to you so take my words with a grain of salt and a big helping of common sense. Fashion is a very personal thing and should be treated as such, making the whole idea very contradictory and confusing if you combine it with your surroundings. So remember, I may be sitting in a muddy pickup reading Allure with chopsticks in my hair, but as soon as I'm done it's going in the McDonalds bag hiding in the backseat with the trashed remnants of my quick lunch.
"We live in a size 0 wannabe society where Twinkies were brought out of retirement because of backlash against discontinuing them. Something has to change." 
Happy New Year everybody! Wishing you a great 2014!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas with Joint Families

My actual family, our Christmas photo this year
As you know if you've read my previous blog posts, I come from a split home where one side has joined with another family. Hence: "Joint Family". [Little side note here: I really hate it when people call divorced homes "broken" homes. Yes the family may be split in two, but to call it "broken" is to call it dysfunctional and no longer working, worthy of throwing away along with all the rest of the garbage. I really hate it when people say that.]

The photo above is my family photo from this year, my little brother D is next to me, Dad above, and Step-Mother to the left of Dad. We went to the Governor's mansion and took photos, yes we all wore plaid on purpose and no, we will never ever do that again. Waaay too much going on this picture. My brother was walking around scowling the whole day but it's okay, we love embarrassing him. It was a very wonderful way to kick off my stay here, we did spend the whole day together and it was very bonding. I will be traveling to my mother's side of the family tomorrow, Christmas Day, and staying through New Years there, so before I went I wanted to share with you a few ways to really enjoy your holiday celebration, even if you do come from a split/joint home.

For every single Christmas of my life (being born in February of course), I have been shuttled back and forth between Mom and Dad and I'm not here to pretend it hasn't taken a toll on me. But I'm also not going to feign like it has affected my psyche anymore than any of the other screwed up things that have happened in my life. Sure, I see all the "classic" Christmas movies where they all wake up Christmas morning and run down to the tree to open it (or where they forget one of their kids whilst they go on vacation) and I have lots of friends who experience that every year as well, but I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything either. I know some children of divorce that really hate the holidays because of the shuttling back and forth and I wanna be there for you.

I am very aware that for some people, their split parents don't get along well and there is a lot of tension and/or fighting on Christmas Day, which does suck. But there are a few ways to try and enjoy it. If you have a sibling or a best friend the that you can talk to (you can even talk to an adult if you feel like you have one that will really listen to you), feel free to confide in them about all your reservations surrounding the holidays. You can also look for the positive in every situation. Now, I know that's not so easy when you're freezing cold and sitting in a car in a deserted gas station on a highway somewhere as your parents argue outside, but there is something you can focus on to take your mind off of it. Put in your headphones or blare the radio and get lost in the music. Stare out the window and play "I Spy" with yourself, naming all the things of one color you can see. Through it all, remember that if you ever feel unsafe or very uncomfortable staying with one of your parents (for whatever reason), tell the parent you're comfortable with about it and see what can be done about it (personal advice here, trust your gut).

This may not be your personal favorite time of the year, it may even be the worst time of the year for you, but try to see the positive in everything and remind yourself that things will go back to normal soon enough after the holidays are over. If you feel like you don't have anyone to help you through this time, remember you always have me to talk to, at least. I will always listen and respond to your messages if you talk to me, and I don't judge. Talk to me anonymously or not, whatever you're comfortable with. I am totally here for you, from one kid coming from a "broken" home to another.

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe and have fun!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Importance of Traditions

My family has always had very set holiday traditions, and they have become as important to me as breathing or eating. I was quite surprised when I talked to my friends and realized that their Christmas' are sometimes spent at a movie theatre or with just their parents and dinner in front of the television set. It's not that these Christmas nights don't sound lovely, it's just something I wasn't used to hearing. I didn't know that everyone wasn't like how my family was. Looking back over it now, my ignorance is blatant but I honestly didn't know.

Having such a close knit family is a blessing and a curse at all times. The curse part comes in when you tell one person something and suddenly it's in the family newsletter or how there are no secrets and everything about you is up for criticism at the gaming or dining or breakfast room table. But I'm a firm believer that the "blessing" far outweighs the "curse". One of the biggest upsides is, by far, the family traditions we all hold so clear and yet it never feels like "forced" family fun.

Our family Christmas traditions may not be as flashy or set-in-stone as other families (i.e. we don't go caroling door to door or bake exactly 11 different kinds of pie) but they are very personal traditions. For example…the "adults" of the family all do Secret Santa and buy gifts for only that person and everyone tries to guess who everyone else has. (Although with a family of big mouths it's not usually much of a leap) On Christmas Day, I open my stocking first, wait for everyone else to arrive, and then we all open gifts together, oldest-to-youngest. We all have brunch after gift-opening and a big feast that night. We also have a huge dinner on Christmas Eve as well, all together with two different casseroles and about 30 side dishes.

I know I am blessed to have not only a great family but a happy family that gets together during the holidays and has the means to make the holidays magical so every year we all make sure to donate to needy families that don't have the blessings we do and it is probably my favorite part of the entire holiday season. There are a lot of great charities that help not only during the holiday season, but also all-year round. This is a great charity for soldiers that I have greatly enjoyed helping out over the years, and not just during the Christmas season. You can also donate to the great cause of Typhoon Haiyan devastation relief here, a cause that is very close to my heart considering I live in the Philippines.

Let me know your favorite Holiday traditions, and if you don't have any feel free to borrow some ideas from me or talk to me from one of the avenues on my Connection page and ask for more ideas of how to get festive.

Maligayang Pasko, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

The End

Well folks....this is it. I am counting tomorrow as the very last day of my summer. So sad. :( It's been....eventful as you can probably tell by reading through these posts. A lot has happened and though I wouldn't be grateful for all of it, I am grateful for the new people I've met and some of the experiences I've had and (of course) becoming closer to Ammie was a TOTAL plus! :D

But....yeah summer is over basically. I'm flying back on Saturday and "normal" (as close to normal as I have anyway) life will continue with school and goals and swimming and friends in the Philippines. So I guess all this post is about is . . . thank you for reading this summer project and who knows? I may still post on this from time to time and I might also create yet ANOTHER blog entitled "My Perfect Christmas" (although I titled this blog along those lines and it has been ANYTHING but perfect, although some points were pretty damn close) for when I come back during the holiday season but...we'll have to see. Otherwise I'll just use my normal blog for it.

I have a few exciting projects in mind for the future....but no promises so I'm not going to say anything too definite right now in case they end up not happening. I do, however, promise that I will try to update my blog at least weekly, if not a couple times a week. I don't know if I'll have a lot of time since school is starting and I have some pretty big goals for this up-coming year....I'll tell you all about that later. This blog "My Perfect Summer" is going dormant for at least a while, although I might still post here from time to time but I'll post on my main blog My Transformation Into a Social Butterfly from now on usually.

So....thanks again! And I hope you continue to read along and be a part of my crazy life!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm Back!

As those of you who read this blog on a weekly or daily basis (and SO MANY THANKS TO THOSE WHO DO), you will know that I have not updated in a few weeks. I'd be surprised if I have any audience left at all actually. But getting down to my point, I'm sorry I haven't been online lately. If you knew me in person you'd realize how much crazy stuff has been going on in my life! I'll break it all down for you in this post and hopefully get it all down:

--My Dad and my step-mother ("Jenny") had a HU-UGE fight the night before we were supposed to leave for Florida and it was awful. Literally they were screaming at each other so much that I went out of the house with my step-brother ("D" or just "my brother"). We walked in front of the house and eventually D's friend Jules came over to keep us company. (There will be one or more bullets about Jules later, it's....astonishing even to me) He was great, he distracted D and me from the mess going on inside. (A little tidbit: I really like Jules and he really likes me. Because I live in the Philippines and we both are pretty "damaged goods" we decided to not start seeing each other and just stay friends. But we are really close, I've shared things with him that I haven't told anyone else and I think he's shared things with me too. He calls himself a "prude" so we haven't "done" anything except for holding hands and tickle wars and hugging, the holding hands was only this one night a few times when he came over and it was all crazy and he was trying to get me distracted. I really appreciate the great friend that he is and thank my lucky stars that he's such a good friend that I have in my life. Sometimes I wish we were more, but right now being "just friends" is probably the best option for both of us, we are pretty messed up, don't ask. That's a big topic for another time, trust me.) Eventually Jenny came outside and I went inside and Dad was fuming and Jenny came back inside with D. Jenny pulled me into her bedroom and assured me that she loves me and she loves Dad and that this was just a "minor bump in the road". Well I told her I understood and we hugged and talked it out. We walked out of the bedroom and things escalated between her and Dad again. She ended up throwing a glass at him and Dad and I stormed out of the house with all of our things into the truck with Sadie at like 2 AM. Things got even more heated outside and Jenny ended up breaking one of my suitcases and throwing one of Dad's suitcases underneath the truck we were driving. It was really intense and scary and things were said and yelled and I am thoroughly surprised that one of our nosy neighbors didn't call the cops. We ended up driving to my Aunt's house and I spent the night there. I begged Dad not to go back to Jenny's house ever again and he promised not to....and when I woke up 4 hours later he called me telling me that we were all going to Florida like we originally planned. Well, I was not comfortable with that. So I refused to go. To shorten the story....D and Jenny went to Florida and Dad and I stayed here. Things are awkward now that they're back and . . . I don't know what is going to happen. I honestly don't. But things are as they are right now and I just want to give a shout out to D and Jules, I really couldn't have gotten through it without them so...I love you guys. And thank you.

--Before the fight above even happened, I started to get a weird feeling about Jenny. Sometimes I get little "premonitions" I call them because I pride myself on being good at reading people. She was acting really strange and, looking back now, I realize that she may be bipolar. Which is not a good thing and not something I can bring up, obviously. But I'll address that problem when and if I ever have to. The weird feeling I got from Jenny started when I got back from the beach. She came to pick me, Dani, and Ammie up from the gas station where she met up with my grandparents to switch us over. My grandmother told me later that she got a weird feeling also at the gas station and was hesitant about letting Jenny take us girls home....not that she stopped her of course. (Apparently reading people runs in my family) Well . . . as soon as we pulled out of the gas station, it started. Jenny started literally verbally attacking me about how selfish and cruel I am to my father for taking this trip with my friends IN. FRONT. OF. THE. FRIENDS. Then she turned to Ammie and Dani and asked THEM if THEY treated their parents as "badly as I treat mine". I was so in shock, as were Ammie and Dani, that I literally turned my head to the side and fell "asleep" for twenty minutes. Ammie, who was sitting next to me, slipped her arm through mine and I about lost it. If I opened my mouth I was going to start bawling or screaming profanities. I barely said anything the rest of the car ride. She started acting "normally" again, and I still said nothing. Then more happened. Ammie started recording the conversations we had with her, and she actually got a really bad one on tape. One in which Jenny compared Dani to Hitler. I was literally afraid for my life when we dropped Ammie and Dani off and I was left alone in the car with Jenny. So that was one incident that I will file away in my "Crazy Jenny Moments". She's still in my life, and I still haven't gotten an apology for that car ride and I never will, so I guess I'll have to deal with her.

So....that's really the big things that have been happening here in my life. And then there was some other grandmother drama and a death in the extended family and then the beach week where I got really ill and then we went to Maine and we just got back yesterday and . . . things have been crazy. I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately but I'll try to keep up with it more, although my summer is basically over and this blog will go dormant until next summer and I'll just keep up with my other blog.

So much for the "Perfect" summer. I met a few new friends . . . kissed a guy . . . found a new person to love in my life . . . said goodbye to my best friend for another 5 months . . . nearly had my family torn apart . . . experienced so much love with my family . . . and a lot of fright with a pneumonia scare. It's been . . . eventful to say the least. I want to say thank you for sticking with me through it all and I promise to update more often!